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Mattress Recycling In Tonbridge And Malling

Need to get rid of your old mattress? Bought a new one and need to make space? Don’t want to drive to the tip to recycle your mattress? Don’t want your mattress to end up in landfill?

Collect Your Old Bed can help!

Collect Your Old Bed offers fast, friendly mattress collection and recycling in Tonbridge and Malling.

We provide a fast, efficient service that’s much easier than driving to the tip and cheaper than council collection.

100% of your old mattress is recycled. Nothing goes to a landfill, nothing is incinerated. Everything is recycled.

Mattress collection in Tonbridge and Malling

Kent is a beautiful county and we all need to play our part in keeping it that way. Recycling is one way to do that.

When you buy a new mattress, you will likely need to dispose of the old one. As few retailers now collect your old mattress when delivering your new one, you have three options to make space.

You can:

  1. Take your mattress to the recycling centre (tip)
  2. Have the council collect it as bulk waste
  3. Use Collect Your Old Bed

Take your mattress to the recycling centre

There’s a new place to take your waste, the Allington Household Waste Recycling Centre by the M20.

The upside is that it’s a new centre with plenty of space to unload. The downside is that you have to book a slot in advance. Plus, it gets very busy on weekends!

You’ll need proof of address once you get there too, to make sure you live in the area. Otherwise, it’s a straightforward experience.

Have the council collect it as bulk waste

Like most councils, Tonbridge and Malling offer a bulk waste collection service. They will collect up to 6 bulky items for £58.

That’s expensive compared to many other councils. Plus, if you only need to get rid of a mattress, that’s an even more expensive option!

As long as the mattress is visible from the road at 7 am on the day of collection, the council will manage it for you.

Use Collect Your Old Bed

Collect Your Old Bed works in a similar way to the council. The advantages are that we are much cheaper, don’t make you recycle 6 items to make it worthwhile and recycle 100% of your old mattress.

Simply book a date, pay through the website and we’ll take care of the rest!

Mattress Recycling in Tonbridge and Malling

We may be cheaper and more convenient than the council but we also guarantee to recycle every part of your mattress. No council can guarantee that right now.

Every part of your mattress is recycled and will be reused in something else.

Fabric mattress covers are cleaned and reused in new furniture and other household products.

Mattress filling is cleaned and shredded to be reused in new furniture or as carpet underlay.

Steel mattress springs and fixings are melted down and recycled into new steel for a wide variety of uses.

Nothing goes to waste. Nothing goes to landfill and nothing goes to the incinerator.

Plus, you have the satisfaction of knowing every element of your old mattress will find a new life in something else!

Book your slot with Collect Your Old Bed for fast, efficient mattress collection in Tonbridge and Malling.

Dispose of your old mattress in 3 simple steps

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