Mattress Recycling in Stafford

Bought a new mattress but the retailer won’t take the old one? Need to dispose of your old mattress but don’t want to pay the exorbitant fees the council charges? We can help!

Collect Your Old Bed offers a fast, reliable mattress collection and recycling service in Stafford. Our super-simple service makes it easy to dispose of your old mattress with the minimum of fuss.

Book a collection using our easy form and leave the rest to us. It’s the perfect answer to your problem. What’s more, we recycle 100% of your old mattress too!

Mattress collections in Stafford

When you buy a new bed and/or mattress, you generally have three options:

  1. Have the retailer collect the old mattress
  2. Use Staffordshire Council’s bulk waste collection service
  3. Take it to your local recycling centre

Have the retailer collect the old mattress

Not that long ago, retailers would collect your old bed and mattress as part of the service. Few retailers still offer that and those that do, charge for it.

Use Staffordshire Council’s bulk waste collection service

Like most councils, Staffordshire Council operates a bulk waste collection service for white goods and furniture. It isn’t free though. The current charge for collection is £48 for up to three items.

There is no single item option so this can work out expensive if all you want rid of is a mattress!

Take it to your local recycling centre

Staffordshire Council runs two recycling centres, one at St. Albans Road in Stafford and one at Beacon Road in Stone. Stafford is open 7 days a week while Stone is open Wednesday to Sunday.

If you have a car large enough to fit a mattress, this is a viable option for disposing of your old mattress. Be aware though, both centres get busy at times so there may be a queue.

There is another way to recycle your old mattress.

Mattress recycling and collection with Collect Your Old Bed

Collect Your Old Bed will collect your old mattress in Stafford. What’s more, we are cheaper than the council and will recycle 100% of the mattress. Guaranteed!

Nothing goes to landfill. Nothing goes to the incinerator at Four Ashes and nothing is composted. Everything in that mattress is reused. Nothing is wasted.

Our service works like this:

  1. Enter your postcode into the box.
  2. Book a collection day from the available options.
  3. Leave the rest to us.

All we ask is that you leave the mattress somewhere our team can access it quickly and safely.

Mattress recycling service in Stafford

Recycling is the only way to dispose of waste and our service is here to help. We run this service across the country.

No part of the mattress is wasted. Everything is recycled.

  • If your mattress has a wooden mattress frame, it is chipped and used as biomass fuel or garden mulch.
  • Mattress filling is removed, cleaned, shredded and recycled as carpet underlay or furniture padding.
  • Mattress covers are stripped, cleaned and shredded to be reused in a wide range of products.
  • Steel mattress springs are melted down and recycled into new steel.

Collect Your Old Bed makes sure nothing goes to waste and everything finds a new purpose in new products. It’s the only way to guarantee your old mattress is fully recycled.

Dispose of your old mattress the responsible way.

Dispose of your old mattress in 3 simple steps

Nationwide collection Available. Enter your postcode to get prices