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Mattress Recycling in Northampton

Mattress recycling is something we all need to get involved in. It is widely thought that a mattress should be changed between five and eight years of regular use if it is to provide a good night’s sleep. There are around 89,000 households in Northampton alone which means at least that many mattresses being disposed of. Where do they all go?Some councils send old mattresses to landfills. Some send them to be incinerated. Some will recycle them but we have no knowledge and no control over which happens where.That’s where Collect Your Old Bed comes in. Our mattress recycling service in Northampton can collect at a time to suit you and we guarantee every mattress we collect is completely recycled!

Northampton mattress disposal

If you’re a local resident, you will already know that Northampton has a fly-tipping problem. Well-meaning people unwittingly employing shady disposal companies to dispose of their rubbish expecting it to end up at one of the many recycling centres. Instead, it ends up on the side of the street, in country lanes, laybys and other places our rubbish has no business being.Avoid your mattress being part of that problem by using Collect Your Old Bed.

Collect Your Old Bed in Northampton

Collect Your Old Bed offers nationwide mattress recycling services that promises to dispose of your old mattress responsibly. Using a range of approved techniques to recycle every element of your old mattress, we are the future of mattress disposal.To arrange mattress collection:

  1. Enter your postcode into our Click2Collect form.
  2. Enter the items you want to be collected.
  3. Enter a date and your contact details.
  4. Leave the rest to us!

Ethical mattress disposal

Collect Your Old Bed guarantees every mattress will be fully recycled which often means materials going back into the production chain. Here is an idea of where every element of your old mattress ends up:

  • Wood mattress frame – The wood is chipped and used as mulch or biomass fuel.
  • Mattress foam – Recycled into carpet padding or underlay.
  • Fabrics and fibers – Broken down, washed and recycled into new fibers for new products.
  • Steel springs and box springs – Melted down and made into fresh steel for a variety of uses.

As you can see, every part of your old mattress can be recycled and re-used. In this era of sustainability, recycling is the responsible thing to do.A lot of the material reclaimed from old mattresses will be used in the furniture industry. Some materials will make their way into manufacturing, fashion and other industries too.

low-cost mattress recycling in Northampton, contact Collect Your Old Bed today!

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