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Mattress Recycling in London

Despite a recent statistic which identifies that over 700,000 mattresses are discarded around London each year, the truth is that most city households want to dispose of unwanted mattresses in a responsible, environmentally-friendly way. Unfortunately, as mattresses are classified as bulky items, disposing of them responsibly usually involves a cost, one which can vary considerably according to which borough you live in.For example, in boroughs such as Newham, Lewisham, Hackney and Hounslow it is possible to have mattresses collected for free whilst areas including Hillingdon, Ealing and Barnet generally charge for collection and disposal of mattresses… with Barnet authority charging a massive £55 per initial item!Sadly, even having removed your old mattress, not all boroughs yet follow a recycling route with mattresses they’ve removed. Although Lewisham council is pro-actively passing on mattresses they’ve collected to a recycling company within their own borough, a considerable number of other London authorities are still just picking up mattresses and giving them a lift to landfill or incinerating them, methods of disposal which give rise to significant environmental concerns.So, particularly if you’re not lucky enough to live in a pro-active borough such as Lewisham, how else can you conscientiously, but cost-effectively dispose of your old mattress if you live in a London borough?

Go Private

Many private companies offer competitive rates for collection and ethical recycling of mattresses which are actually less costly than many London authority disposal charges. Companies such as Collect Your Old Bed not only collect mattresses and beds, but will recycle 100% of the materials used, allowing customers a cost-effective and conscience-clear alternative to borough collections.Disposal is easily arranged using a three step processes of:

  • Inputting your post-code to identify your pick up area.
  • Identifying the items you want collected.
  • Choosing a convenient collection date and completing contact details.

Because many of these companies work across the UK, city pickups across London are no problem and can be easily arranged.

Check Up on Green Credentials

It’s worth bearing in mind that just as different local authorities charge different rates for mattress collection, so do private companies. Whilst you’re checking around to find a price which suits you, remember to also find out exactly what you’re getting for the money as you don’t want just collection for your money, you want ethical disposal too! A good company’s website should have all the information you need to identify:

  • That the mattress will be going to a genuine recycling plant.
  • How much of the mattress fabric and materials will be recycled. Better companies will recycle 100% of mattress components.
  • How the materials produced from your mattress will be re-used.

By checking all of these details, you can be sure that you’re not only doing your bit to improve London’s environment, but you’re also being part of London’s rapidly-growing collective green consciousness, which sees the demand for responsible methods of disposal being behind many initiatives. These include borough-focused schemes, such as Lewisham’s cost-free mattress recycling system and city-wide improvement of recycling facilities, such as the development of an increasing number of recycling facilities for the city.The latest example is in the forthcoming construction of London’s own mattress recycling plant, which is due to be built in the aptly named Greenford, West London and aims to process around 60,000 mattresses a year which. This plant, along with Lewisham offering other boroughs a role-model example for keeping mattresses out of landfill and reducing fly-tipping, as well as the rise in private professional companies who offer sound practices of cost-effective and recycling-assured disposal, looks all set to put London firmly on the map for ethical disposal of mattresses through recycling.

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