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Mattress Recycling in High Wycombe

Despite the fact that over 40% of homes now recycle regularly in the High Wycombe area, an increase of over 30% since 2005, there are still plenty of additional ways High Wycombe households and businesses could improve their rate of recycling and cut down on local landfill.One of the easiest ways to do this is to ensure that any bulk waste disposed of in the local area is collected and disposed of ethically. For their part, High Wycombe council try to make it easy for local residents and businesses to do this by offering a dedicated reporting system on their website which invites residents to report fly-tipping and by offering their own bulky waste collection service.

Unfortunately though, like many councils across the UK which have struggled to balance setting bulky waste charges at a level which is affordable for households but also covers costs, Wycombe District Council charges are pretty hefty themselves – with a charge of £35 for between 1 and 5 items, a £50 charge for up to 6, £65 for 7 and £80 for 8 items. Whilst the council do offer discounted charges for those households on income-related benefits, the cost of having items such as carpets, beds, mattresses, furniture and white goods removed is still significant for those families who may not be on benefits but have little in the way of spare cash. So what are the alternatives for bed and mattress recycling in High Wycombe?

Do it yourself?
Disposal of unwanted bulky items is free at Wycombe Council’s two household waste sites, local to the Booker and Bledlow areas, both of which are conveniently open seven days a week. Unfortunately for many households though, this still leaves the issue of transporting bulky items to the waste sites, often the main source of the disposal problems.

Waste not, want not?
Although Wycombe District Council’s green credentials are growing year-on-year, with over 45% of all waste being collected being recycled, some households want to know for sure that 100% of their unwanted beds and mattresses will be recycled, something which many councils cannot guarantee and particularly not within the fees currently charged as often these fees only cover the costs of time and transportation and cannot begin to cover the cost of:

  • Every bed and mattress being disposed of at a recycling plant.
  • Ensuring that every part of the mattress fabric and materials will be recycled. Better companies will recycle 100% of mattress components, whilst many ‘cheaper’ options cannot offer a 100% recycling rate.
  • Reassuring the public about how the materials produced from unwanted beds and mattresses might be re-used.

A private solution to a public problem
For many members of the public, the solution to the problem of responsible bed and mattress disposals lies in using a private company such as Collect Your Old Bed. Instead of costly single item prices with no guarantee of full recycling at the end of it, Collect Your Old Bed services include:

  • Low prices for collection, starting from £11.99.
  • A convenient process to arrange collection, by following three simple steps on the Collect Your Old Bed website:
    1. Put in the postcode for collection
    2. Select the items to be collected
    3. Choose a collection date and add in contact details
  • An assured process of 100% recycling of your unwanted bed and mattress into a range of other items, including pet bedding and textile items from recycled mattress fabric, garden chippings from recycled wood and metal components and items from recycled steel springs.

Comparing costs and making green choices
Many UK households and businesses are working with local councils to improve recycling in their local areas but in many cases the collection, cost and disposal alternatives offered by local councils cannot yet meet those offered by Collect Your Old Bed and other private companies which offer convenient methods and full green credentials. So, if you have a bed to dispose of in the High Wycombe area, consider all your local options and minimise your carbon footprint by taking steps towards 100% recycling of all your bed’s components.

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