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Mattress Recycling in Eastbourne & Lewes

Have you bought a new bed and now need a mattress removal service? Want to dispose of your mattress but don’t want to pay for Eastbourne and Lewes council to collect it? Need mattress collection on a specific day? Collect Your Old Bed can help!

Collect Your Old Bed are a licensed mattress disposal company that covers Eastbourne and Lewes. We collect on a day to suit you. We recycle the entire mattress so nothing goes to waste and are cheaper than the council too!

Collect Your Old Bed recycles 100% of your old mattress. Nothing goes to waste, guaranteed!

Popular advice is that we should change our mattress every five years. Considering we spend up to a third of our lives in bed, our mattress has to contend with a lot and put up with a lot of use. Where furniture stores would once include mattress disposal with the price of your new bed, many no longer offer this service. That’s where we come in.

How Collect Your Old Bed works

Arranging mattress removal with Collect Your Old Bed is simple.

  1. Enter your postcode on the right.
  2. Select the mattress(es) you want us to collect.
  3. Select a date for us to collect them.
  4. Confirm your order.

That’s it!

Mattress disposal in Eastbourne and Lewes

When you replace your bed or mattress, you will have three main options to dispose of your old one if the furniture store won’t take it away.

  1. You could take it to your local recycling centre.
  2. Pay for bulk item removal from the council.
  3. Work with Collect Your Old Bed.

Local recycling

Taking your old mattress to a recycling centre requires you to have a family-sized car, estate or van. It also requires two people to carry a double or king-size mattress safely. It should be free to dispose of your mattress but may involve queuing for a disposal spot.

Bulk item collection

Eastbourne and Lewes councils offer bulk item collection to all residents that includes old mattresses. There is a charge though. Quite a significant one. Lewes District Council charges £55 for 1 to 5 items. Eastbourne Borough Council charges £50 for 1 to 3 items. Those are some of the highest fees of anywhere in the country!

Collect Your Old Bed

Collect Your Old Bed is the easiest method of mattress disposal. We collect, recycle the entire mattress and charge a lot less than the council. With our simple 3 step process, your old mattress could be gone in no time, with no effort on your part.

Mattress recycling

Now we are more environmentally aware than ever before, the disposal method of our old items is important. Councils offer a mixture of recycling, incineration and landfill for old mattresses. Collect Your Old Bed guarantees to recycle 100% of your old mattress!

Collect Your Old Bed will:

  • Recycle all wooden frames by chipping them to be used as garden mulch or biomass fuel.
  • Recycle all mattress foam by shredding to be used as new fibres for manufacturing.
  • Recycle all mattress fabric by washing, breaking down and using in manufacturing.
  • Recycle all mattress springs and fittings by melting them down to create new steel for manufacturing.

Nothing goes to waste. Nothing goes to landfill. Everything is recycled and reused in one way or another.

For fast, efficient mattress disposal where nothing goes to waste, book your collection with Collect Your Old Bed today!

Dispose of your old mattress in 3 simple steps

Nationwide collection Available. Enter your postcode to get prices