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Mattress Recycling In Braintree

Bought a new bed? Replaced your mattress? Need someone to collect your old bed in Braintree? Want your old mattress to be fully recycled rather than sent to a landfill or incinerated?

Collect Your Old Bed can help!

Collect Your Old Bed provides fast, efficient mattress collection and recycling in Braintree and surrounding towns and villages.

We recycle everything. Nothing goes to waste. Nothing is incinerated and you don’t need to do a thing.

Simply book a time and date, and leave your mattress where our team can see and collect it. That’s all there is to it!

Collecting mattresses in Braintree

The common wisdom is to replace your mattress every 6-8 years. Considering how many people live in our part of Essex, that’s a lot of old mattresses!

What are your options for disposing of your old mattress?

We typically have four options:

  1. Pay for the retailer to take it away when they deliver your new one
  2. Take your mattress to your nearest recycling centre
  3. Have the council collect it as bulk waste
  4. Use Collect Your Old Bed

Pay for the retailer to take it away

Some retailers still offer to take your old bed and/or mattress away with them. Nobody does it for free though so there will be a charge.

The downside is that you have no idea what happens to it once it has been collected.

Take your mattress to your nearest recycling centre

The closest recycling centre is on Springwood Drive. There’s another in Witham, but that’s a bit of a trek.

You’ll need to take proof of address to be able to enter and you’ll probably need to queue, but otherwise, it’s a simple process.

That is as long as you can fit the mattress into your car and take the time to go!

Have the council collect it as bulk waste

Braintree has a bulk waste collection service that will collect your old mattress.

The downside is that it costs £41.60 for up to 6 items. There is no single item collection, so you’ll either have to wait for neighbours to change their bed, gather lots of bulky items together or pay for just a mattress.

Use Collect Your Old Bed

Collect Your Old Bed offers a simple way to recycle your old mattress. It’s also reliable and easy to do.

Book a timeslot, leave the mattress where we can see it from the road and we’ll take care of the rest.

We’re more convenient than the council, will collect only your mattress and will collect on time.

Mattress collection in Braintree

Collect Your Old Bed recycles 100% of your mattress. Nothing goes to waste, nothing goes to landfill.

We work with select recyclers throughout the country to ensure every part of your old mattress is fully reused.

For example:

  • Any wood is turned into wood chippings for biomass fuel or garden mulch.
  • Mattress filling is cleaned and shredded to be reused in new furniture or as underlay for carpets.
  • Fabric mattress covers are cleaned and the material is reused in new furniture and related products.
  • Steel mattress springs and fixings are melted and turned into new steel for a variety of uses.

Fully recycling your old mattress is what Collect Your Old Bed does best.

Yes, we’re more convenient than the council and driving to the tip. But you’re guaranteed that your old mattress will be fully reused in new furniture and other useful products.

That should be reason enough to let us collect your old mattress in Braintree!

Dispose of your old mattress in 3 simple steps

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