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Mattress Recycling in Bolton

Need to dispose of an old mattress? Looking for mattress recycling in Bolton? Bought a new bed and need to have someone collect your old mattress? Collect Your Old Bed can help!

We provide mattress collection and recycling services to Bolton and surrounding areas. Our innovative mattress recycling service is the easiest way to make space for your new bed.

Bolton has an impressive recycling rate of 47%, one of the highest in the country. Collect Your Old Bed is happy to help build on that with cost-effective mattress recycling.

Mattress disposal in Bolton

We are advised to change our mattress every five to eight years. With an estimated population of 194,000 people, that’s a lot of mattresses!

Until recently, bed retailers would collect your old mattress when delivering your new one. Now you either have to pay a hefty fee or dispose of it yourself. Neither of which is ideal.

If you need to dispose of your mattress in Bolton, you typically have three options.

  1. Take it to your nearest recycling centre
  2. Have Bolton council collect it
  3. Let Collect Your Old Bed recycle it

Take it to your nearest recycling centre

Bolton is fortunate enough to have multiple recycling centres. Five of which will accept mattresses, Salford Road, Cemetery Road, Chichester Street, Hurstwood Court and Lumns Lane.

If you have a car large enough to fit the mattress and don’t mind the queues, this is a viable option.

Have Bolton council collect it

Bolton council offers a bulk item collection service to all residents. It costs £35 for up to five items or £70 for up to 10 items. There is no option to have the council just remove your old mattress so this could work out expensive!

Let Collect Your Old Bed recycle it

The third option is to have Collect Your Old Bed remove your old mattress. We guarantee to recycle every part of the mattress. All 100% of the mattress will be broken down and prepared for use elsewhere.

We have a simple mattress recycling service that makes it as easy as possible to dispose of your old mattress. Simply enter your postcode, select a day for us to collect and we’ll take care of everything!

Mattress recycling with Collect Your Old Bed

We applaud Bolton council for achieving a high rate of recycling but there is still a way to go. Collect Your Old Bed is happy to contribute to that rate with our mattress recycling service.

We recycle everything. Nothing is wasted. Nothing goes to landfill or is incinerated. We guarantee 100% recycling of your old mattress.

  • Wooden mattress parts are broken down and used as garden mulch or biomass fuel.
  • The filling is cleaned, shredded and turned into carpet underlay or furniture padding.
  • Covers are cleaned and shredded to be reused in other products.
  • Steel springs and fixings are melted down and recycled into new steel.

Working with Collect Your Old Bed is the easiest, most sustainable way of disposing of old mattresses. Just arrange collection and we’ll handle the rest. It couldn’t be easier!

Dispose of your old mattress in 3 simple steps

Nationwide collection Available. Enter your postcode to get prices