Mattress Disposal in Farnborough

Have you replaced your mattress and need to dispose of your old one? Don’t want to pay the high price of bulk item removal from Farnborough council? Want your mattress collected at a time to suit you and be completely recycled? Collect Your Old Bed can help!

Mattress disposal is something everyone has to consider when buying a new bed or mattress. Furniture stores used to offer to take your old mattress away when delivering your new one but with rising costs, fewer stores offer that service now.

The common belief is that a mattress should be changed every five years or so. According to Rushmoor Council who are responsible for Farnborough, there are almost 58,000 people living there (2019 ONS population estimates). If every household changed just one mattress every five years, that’s a whole lot of mattresses!

A large proportion of these will go to landfill, be incinerated or composted. Some will end up being fly-tipped around Hampshire. None of which are very environmentally friendly! What if there was an easier, more sustainable method of mattress disposal?

We provide a fully sustainable mattress removal and recycling service to Farnborough and surrounding areas. We will collect at a time to suit you, we are cheaper than the council and guarantee to fully recycle your old mattress.

Mattress removal

When it comes time to replace your mattress, you generally have three options:

You can:

  1. Dispose of it yourself at your nearest recycling centre.
  2. Pay the council a large item removal fee to collect your old mattress.
  3. Use Collect Your Old Bed’s mattress recycling service.

Dispose of it yourself at your nearest recycling centre

If you have a large car or van and know where your nearest recycling centre is located, you can take your mattress there yourself. It’s cheap, simple to do and as long as there isn’t a queue, should be relatively painless.

Pay the council a large item removal fee to collect your old mattress

Rushmoor Council has a bulk waste service that includes mattress collection. It currently costs £38 for up to three items.

Use Collect Your Old Bed’s mattress recycling service

It’s easy to use Collect Your Old Bed. Enter your postcode on the right-hand side of this page, set a time and we will take care of the rest!

Mattress recycling

Collect Your Old Bed fully recycles old mattresses. We use every part of the item so nothing goes to waste. It’s a fully sustainable model and something we are very proud to offer our Farnborough customers.

Here’s what happens to every mattress we collect:

  • Wooden mattress frames – Chipped and used as garden mulch or biomass fuel.
  • Mattress foam – Shredded and recycled to be turned into carpet underlay or padding.
  • Mattress fabric – Washed and broken down to be reused as new fibres in other products.
  • Steel springs and box springs – Melted down into fresh steel to be used in a variety of ways.

Every part of your old mattress is reused in one way or another. Nothing goes to waste!

Next time you replace your mattress and wonder how to dispose of your old one, try Collect Your Old Bed. It’s fast, effective and means it is completely recycled.

Book your sustainable mattress disposal today with Collect Your Old Bed!

Dispose of your old mattress in 3 simple steps

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