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Mattress Disposal in Chelmsford

Recycling in Chelmsford is taking on new momentum, as statistics for the percentage of household waste being sent for re-use, recycling or composting continues to rise towards the magic 50% demanded by EU and national targets. Figures for 2013/2014 showed that a massive 45.9% of waste is now finding alternative uses, rather than being taken to the tip, a significant rise from 2010/2011’s figure of 39% (source: DEFRA data, England Recycling, 2011). But when it comes to those bulky items such as beds and mattresses, there’s still plenty that Chelmsford can do to keep moving ahead in the race to that 50% recycling rate!

The cost of recycling

As with most city Councils, Chelmsford has a dedicated collection scheme for bulky items, which ensures that items are picked up and recycled via the local recycling centres. For this, a full fee of £26.50 for up to 3 items is payable (2015/2016 prices), although concessions brings the cost for 3 items down to £13.25. Chelmsford City Council large item collection includes:

  • Fridge and freezers
  • Washing machines
  • Beds and mattresses
  • Tables, chairs and sofas
  • Carpets

…and the hidden cost of collection

However, just like the majority of other city councils, the bulky item services offered by Chelmsford are roadside collection services, which means there are some hidden costs which crop up when using council collection services for items such as beds and mattresses:

  • Being able to organise the council pick-up to fit in with opportunities to get the items outside – not always easy considering the size and weight of some older types of bed.
  • Having the physical ability to remove the items to outside the property. Chelmsford council require items to be left close to the boundary, so managing to get a mattress or a fully sprung base just outside of the front door is not always enough.
  • The risk to the public of leaving items outside on pavements and roadsides – including potential for both injury and nuisance or anti-social behaviour from youngsters who might choose to bounce around on a mattress as it awaits collection outside your family home.

Although having a dedicated bulky item collection system in place has really helped encourage Chelmsford households to recycle, there are still additional options which can enrich the council’s offer and make recycling of beds and mattresses in Chelmsford even easier.

Private collection

Ethical recycling and conscientious collection and disposal is now available from environmentally-responsible private collection companies, such as Collect Your Old Bed, whose environmentally-friendly system offers many advantages to households which can’t afford the costs of council collection – either to their cash flow, capabilities or communities:

  • By using dedicated recycling centres in the area, transportation and disposal costs are kept as low as possible and, at a starting price of £11.99 for a single bed, can be significantly less than the council’s undiscounted £26.50 minimum.
  • Convenient collection can be arranged at a time to suit individual households.
  • Convenient service, as Collect Your Old Bed will even come into the property and collect the bed, no having to litter up the community with your mattress as it awaits collection day, and no need to struggle to get your bed base and mattress outside.
  • A user-friendly online service, which is convenient and easy to use, with a simple three-step process via the Collect Your Old Bed website:
    • Enter the postcode for collection;
    • Enter the number and types of items for collection;
    • Select a collection date, then complete contact details.

100% recycling

As well as offering an easy system for collection, Collect Your Old Bed also guarantee that all bed and mattress recycling in Chelmsford will result in 100% of the components of your bed being stripped out and recycled:

  • Mattress fabric is recycled into textiles such as carpet padding;
  • Wooden bases and headboards become recycled wood components, which can be re-used as pet litter and bedding, garden chippings and mulch or biomass fuel;
  • Metal base components and mattress springs become recycled steel which has many uses as hardware items, particularly as steel is recyclable many times over.

Chelmsford’s 2020 vision

By exploring all of their local options for recycling beds in Chelmsford, including council collection, charity donation, upcycling and mattress collection from Collect Your Old Bed, Chelmsford communities continue to be pro-active in their on-target performance towards 50% recycling by 2020 in the most cost-effective ways possible.

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