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Mattress Disposal in Birmingham

Often the problem with getting a new bed isn’t finding the right new one to fit your budget… it’s disposing of your old one in a way which offers value for money but without adding to environmental chaos.

Birmingham’s bulky items

Like many places around the UK, Birmingham is a city which has its own share of fly-tipping grief, with many individuals unable to get their old mattresses down to the local waste and recycling centres, currently located in Castle Bromwich, Kings Norton, Perry Barr, Sutton Coldfield and Tyseley. Others might be unable or reluctant to pay Birmingham City Council’s large items collection fee, which is currently £25 for up to 6 items. Although there is a £2 discount for booking online, both the fee and the collection times offered can be inconvenient for many households.

Other options for mattress recycling in Birmingham

There are junk removal services local to Birmingham City, which will remove junk such as mattresses and white goods, but although this includes all loading and sweeping up as well as removal and ethical recycling, many of these companies work on an ‘area to be cleared’ basis, which can actually work out more costly than the council’s 6 for £25 fee.However, Collect Your Old Bed’s recycling services are the good alternative which not only readily makes old bed collection in Birmingham easy; it also costs a lot less and reassures you of 100% environmentally-friendly recycling of your old bed and mattress. With costs starting at just £11.99, this can work out considerably cheaper than council collection and also has the benefit of a quick and easy process to arrange collection:

  • Simply enter your postcode into the website
  • Select the items you need collecting
  • Choose a convenient collection date
  • Complete the online contact form with your details
  • Confirm your order

Why Recycle?

Cluttering up an area with fly-tipped beds is not friendly to the local environment, whilst the seven million mattresses that go into landfill each year (source: University of Arts, London) do nothing to help the planet’s environmental issues either. Recycling is the most responsible way to dispose of your old mattress. Once Collect Your Old Bed has picked up your old mattress, you are guaranteed that 100% of its components will be recycled:

  • Mattress foam – can be recycled into carpet padding and underlay.
  • Fibres and fabrics – are extracted and separated. From here, individual fibres such as cotton and wool can be recycled into new products.
  • Steel springs – steel springs will never biodegrade in landfill, but can be recycled repeatedly with no loss of performance into a variety of alternative products.
  • Box springs – any wood which forms part of a bed can be chipped and recycled into mulch, animal bedding and even fuel.

When you consider how far your old bed can go when it is disposed of by a reputable company, it makes sense to make recycling the easy option for you … and the responsible one for the environment in general and for recycling in Birmingham in particular.

Dispose of your old mattress in 3 simple steps

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